Ecological Masculinism

Understanding ecological masculinism

Ecological masculinism is a new discourse within environmental philosophy that suggests men and masculine identities throughout the West have long cared for self society and environment, and play a crucial role in creating just and sustainable relationships amongst humans and with wider nature.

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Understanding ecomasculinity-?

Ecomasculinity-? is the practical application of ecological masculinism that enables maleness and sustainability to be aligned in one’s daily life. The ‘?’ represents the possibility for each participant in the discourse to construct an ecomasculinity praxis of their own making, substituting the ? for a single letter that represents their unique way of embodying an ecologised masculine identity.


Caring for Society and Environment: Towards ecological masculinism
(A paper presented at the Villanova University Sustainability Conference – April, 2009)

Burgeoning global problems are raising the need to bring about an ethical shift towards a deep and long-range view of sustainability. The aim of this alternative to business-as-usual is to preserve the fecundity of the planet for all life. But while sustainability has become common parlance throughout the West, the policies and practices suggested tend to offer tepid approaches to economic, social and environmental problems that stop short of needed transformations.